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Collection of VoiceOver Commander commands.

Use with the VoiceOver perform command to invoke a Commander action:

import { voiceOver } from "@guidepup/guidepup";

(async () => {
// Start VoiceOver.
await voiceOver.start();

// Move down.
await voiceOver.perform(voiceOver.commanderCommands.MOVE_DOWN);

// Stop VoiceOver.
await voiceOver.stop();

Available Commander commands are listed below:

enum VoiceOverCommanderCommands {
// General Commands
ACTIONS = "actions",
ADD_PRONUNCIATION = "add pronunciation",
BRING_WINDOW_TO_FRONT = "bring window to front",
CLICK_MOUSE = "click mouse",
CLOSE_WINDOW = "close window",
DESCRIBE_POSITION_OF_WINDOW = "describe position of window",
DESCRIBE_SIZE_OF_WINDOW = "describe size of window",
DOUBLE_CLICK_MOUSE = "double click mouse",
DROP_MARKED_ITEM_AFTER_CHOSEN_HOT_SPOT = "drop marked item after chosen hot spot",
DROP_MARKED_ITEM_AFTER_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "drop marked item after voiceover cursor",
DROP_MARKED_ITEM_BEFORE_CHOSEN_HOT_SPOT = "drop marked item before chosen hot spot",
DROP_MARKED_ITEM_BEFORE_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "drop marked item before voiceover cursor",
DROP_MARKED_ITEM_ON_CHOSEN_HOT_SPOT = "drop marked item on chosen hot spot",
DROP_MARKED_ITEM_ON_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "drop marked item on voiceover cursor",
ESCAPE = "escape",
FAST_FORWARD = "fast-forward",
IGNORE_NEXT_KEYPRESS = "ignore next keypress",
INTERACT_WITH_SCROLL_BAR = "interact with scroll bar",
ITEM_CHOOSER = "item chooser",
KEYBOARD_HELP = "keyboard help",
LABEL_ITEM = "label item",
MAGIC_TAP = "magic tap",
MARK_ITEM_TO_DRAG_AND_DROP = "mark item to drag and drop",
MORE_CONTENT = "more content",
MOUSE_DOWN = "mouse down",
MOUSE_UP = "mouse up",
MOVE_DOWN = "move down",
MOVE_LEFT = "move left",
MOVE_RIGHT = "move right",
MOVE_UP = "move up",
OPEN_ACTIVITY_CHOOSER = "open activity chooser",
OPEN_APPLICATION_CHOOSER = "open application chooser",
OPEN_COMMANDS_MENU = "open commands menu",
OPEN_CONTROL_CENTER = "open control center",
OPEN_NEXT_SPEECH_ATTRIBUTE_GUIDE = "open next speech attribute guide",
OPEN_NOTIFICATION_CENTRE = "open notification centre",
OPEN_PREVIOUS_SPEECH_ATTRIBUTE_GUIDE = "open previous speech attribute guide",
OPEN_QUICK_START_TUTORIAL = "open quick start tutorial",
OPEN_SHORTCUT_MENU = "open shortcut menu",
OPEN_THE_ANNOUNCEMENT_HISTORY_MENU = "open the announcement history menu",
OPEN_THE_NOTIFICATIONS_MENU = "open the notifications menu",
OPEN_VERBOSITY_ROTOR = "open verbosity rotor",
OPEN_VOICEOVER_HELP_MENU = "open voiceover help menu",
OPEN_VOICEOVER_UTILITY = "open voiceover utility",
OPEN_WINDOW_CHOOSER = "open window chooser",
PAUSE_OR_RESUME_SPEAKING = "pause or resume speaking",
PERFORM_ACTION_FOR_ITEM = "perform action for item",
PREVIOUS_ACTIVITY = "previous activity",
READ_CONTENTS_OF_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "read contents of voiceover cursor",
READ_CONTENTS_OF_WINDOW = "read contents of window",
READ_CURRENT_ITEM_ALPHABETICALLY = "read current item alphabetically",
READ_CURRENT_ITEM_PHONETICALLY = "read current item phonetically",
READ_HELP_TAG_FOR_ITEM = "read help tag for item",
READ_IMAGE_DESCRIPTION_FOR_ITEM = "read image description for item",
READ_SELECTED_TEXT_OR_ITEM = "read selected text or item",
READ_VISIBLE_TEXT = "read visible text",
READ_VOICEOVER_HINT = "read voiceover hint",
REMOVE_FROM_WINDOW_SPOTS = "remove from window spots",
REWIND = "rewind",
RIGHT_CLICK_MOUSE = "right click mouse",
ROTOR = "rotor",
SELECT_ITEM = "select item",
SELECT_NEXT_OPTION_DOWN_IN_SPEECH_ATTRIBUTE_GUIDE = "select next option down in speech attribute guide",
SELECT_NEXT_OPTION_UP_IN_SPEECH_ATTRIBUTE_GUIDE = "select next option up in speech attribute guide",
SET_AS_A_WINDOW_SPOT = "set as a window spot",
SET_THE_SWEET_SPOT = "set the sweet spot",
START_INTERACTING_WITH_ITEM = "start interacting with item",
STOP_INTERACTING_WITH_ITEM = "stop interacting with item",
TOGGLE_CURSOR_TRACKING_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle cursor tracking on or off",
TOGGLE_DISCLOSURE_TRIANGLE_OPEN_OR_CLOSED = "toggle disclosure triangle open or closed",
TOGGLE_KEYBOARD_COMMANDER_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle keyboard commander on or off",
TOGGLE_MULTIPLE_SELECTION_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle multiple selection on or off",
TOGGLE_NUMPAD_COMMANDER_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle numpad commander on or off",
TOGGLE_QUICK_NAV_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle quick nav on or off",
TOGGLE_SCREEN_CURTAIN_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle screen curtain on or off",
TOGGLE_SINGLE_KEY_QUICK_NAV_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle single-key quick nav on or off",
TOGGLE_THE_VO_MODIFIER_LOCK_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle the vo modifier lock on or off",
TOGGLE_TRACKPAD_COMMANDER_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle trackpad commander on or off",
USER_GUIDE = "user guide",

// Information Commands
DESCRIBE_ITEM_IN_MOUSE_POINTER = "describe item in mouse pointer",
DESCRIBE_ITEM_IN_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "describe item in voiceover cursor",
DESCRIBE_ITEM_WITH_KEYBOARD_FOCUS = "describe item with keyboard focus",
DESCRIBE_MOUSE_POINTER_LOCATION_FROM_TOP_LEFT_OF_SCREEN = "describe mouse pointer location (from top left of screen)",
DESCRIBE_MOUSE_POINTER_LOCATION_FROM_TOP_LEFT_OF_WINDOW = "describe mouse pointer location (from top left of window)",
DESCRIBE_OPEN_APPLICATIONS = "describe open applications",
DESCRIBE_POSITION_OF_ITEM_IN_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "describe position of item in voiceover cursor",
DESCRIBE_SIZE_OF_ITEM_IN_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "describe size of item in voiceover cursor",
DESCRIBE_WINDOW = "describe window",

// Navigation Commands
GO_DOWN_ONE_PAGE = "go down one page",
GO_LEFT_A_BIT = "go left a bit",
GO_LEFT_ONE_PAGE = "go left one page",
GO_RIGHT_A_BIT = "go right a bit",
GO_RIGHT_ONE_PAGE = "go right one page",
GO_TO_BEGINNING = "go to beginning",
GO_TO_BOTTOM_OF_WINDOW = "go to bottom of window",
GO_TO_DESKTOP = "go to desktop",
GO_TO_DOCK = "go to dock",
GO_TO_END = "go to end",
GO_TO_LINKED_ITEM = "go to linked item",
GO_TO_MENU_BAR = "go to menu bar",
GO_TO_POP_UP_ITEM = "go to pop-up item",
GO_TO_STATUS_MENUS = "go to status menus",
GO_TO_TOP_OF_WINDOW = "go to top of window",
GO_TO_VISIBLE_BEGINNING = "go to visible beginning",
GO_TO_VISIBLE_END = "go to visible end",
GO_UP_ONE_PAGE = "go up one page",
MOVE_DOWN_IN_ROTOR = "move down in rotor",
MOVE_KEYBOARD_FOCUS_TO_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "move keyboard focus to voiceover cursor",
MOVE_MOUSE_POINTER_TO_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "move mouse pointer to voiceover cursor",
MOVE_TO_AREA_AFTER_SPLITTER = "move to area after splitter",
MOVE_TO_AREA_BEFORE_SPLITTER = "move to area before splitter",
MOVE_TO_NEXT_SECTION = "move to next section",
MOVE_TO_PREVIOUS_SECTION = "move to previous section",
MOVE_UP_IN_ROTOR = "move up in rotor",
MOVE_VOICEOVER_CURSOR_TO_KEYBOARD_FOCUS = "move voiceover cursor to keyboard focus",
MOVE_VOICEOVER_CURSOR_TO_MOUSE_POINTER = "move voiceover cursor to mouse pointer",
NEXT_CONTENT = "next content",
NEXT_ROTOR_ITEM = "next rotor item",
PREVIOUS_CONTENT = "previous content",
PREVIOUS_ROTO_ITEM = "previous rotor item",
ROTATE_LEFT = "rotate left",
ROTATE_RIGHT = "rotate right",
SCROLL_DOWN_ONE_PAGE = "scroll down one page",
SCROLL_LEFT_ONE_PAGE = "scroll left one page",
SCROLL_RIGHT_ONE_PAGE = "scroll right one page",
SCROLL_UP_ONE_PAGE = "scroll up one page",
SPEAK_CURRENT_PAGE_IN_SCROLL_AREA = "speak current page in scroll area",
SWITCH_WINDOW = "switch window",
TOGGLE_VOICEOVER_CURSOR_FOLLOWS_MOUSE_ON_OR_OFF = "toggle voiceover cursor follows mouse on or off",

// Text Commands
READ_CURRENT_CHARACTER = "read current character",
READ_CURRENT_CHARACTER_PHONETICALLY = "read current character phonetically",
READ_CURRENT_LINE = "read current line",
READ_CURRENT_PARAGRAPH = "read current paragraph",
READ_CURRENT_SENTENCE = "read current sentence",
READ_CURRENT_WORD = "read current word",
READ_CURRENT_WORD_ALPHABETICALLY = "read current word alphabetically",
READ_CURRENT_WORD_PHONETICALLY = "read current word phonetically",
READ_FROM_BEGINNING_TO_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "read from beginning to voiceover cursor",
READ_NEXT_CHARACTER = "read next character",
READ_NEXT_LINE = "read next line",
READ_NEXT_PARAGRAPH = "read next paragraph",
READ_NEXT_SENTENCE = "read next sentence",
READ_NEXT_WORD = "read next word",
READ_PREVIOUS_CHARACTER = "read previous character",
READ_PREVIOUS_LINE = "read previous line",
READ_PREVIOUS_PARAGRAPH = "read previous paragraph",
READ_PREVIOUS_SENTENCE = "read previous sentence",
READ_PREVIOUS_WORD = "read previous word",
READ_TEXT_ATTRIBUTES = "read text attributes",
SELECT_ALL = "select all",
SELECT_LEFT_OF_THE_CURSOR = "select left of the cursor",
SELECT_RIGHT_OF_THE_CURSOR = "select right of the cursor",
SELECT_TEXT = "select text",
SELECT_TEXT_IN_VOICEOVER_CURSOR = "select text in voiceover cursor",
TOGGLE_TEXT_SPOKEN_ALL_OR_MOST_RECENT = "toggle text spoken all or most recent",
UNSELECT_TEXT = "unselect text",

// Web Commands
ALWAYS_ALLOW_KEYBOARD_COMMANDS_TO_NAVIGATE_WEBSITES = "always allow keyboard commands to navigate websites",
FIND_NEXT_AUTO_WEB_SPOT = "find next auto web spot",
FIND_NEXT_BUTTON = "find next button",
FIND_NEXT_COLUMN = "find next column",
FIND_NEXT_FRAME = "find next frame",
FIND_NEXT_LANDMARK = "find next landmark",
FIND_NEXT_LIVE_REGION = "find next region",
FIND_NEXT_RADIO_GROUP = "find next group",
FIND_NEXT_TEXT_FIELD = "find next field",
FIND_NEXT_TICKBOX = "find next tickbox",
FIND_NEXT_WEB_SPOT = "find next web spot",
FIND_PREVIOUS_ = "find previous auto web spot",
FIND_PREVIOUS_BUTTON = "find previous button",
FIND_PREVIOUS_COLUMN = "find previous column",
FIND_PREVIOUS_FRAME = "find previous frame",
FIND_PREVIOUS_LANDMARK = "find previous landmark",
FIND_PREVIOUS_REGION = "find previous region",
FIND_PREVIOUS_GROUP = "find previous group",
FIND_PREVIOUS_FIELD = "find previous field",
FIND_PREVIOUS_TICKBOX = "find previous tickbox",
FIND_PREVIOUS_WEB_SPOT = "find previous web spot",
READ_LINK_ADDRESS = "read link address",
READ_WEB_PAGE_STATISTICS = "read web page statistics",
REMOVE_WEB_SPOT = "read web spot",
SET_WEB_SPOT = "set web spot",
TOGGLE_INSERTION_POINT_NAVIGATION = "toggle insertion point navigation",
TOGGLE_LIVE_REGION = "toggle live region",
TOGGLE_TABLE_INTERACTABILITY = "toggle table interactability",
TOGGLE_TABLE_ROW_AND_COLUMN_INDICES = "toggle table row and column indices",
TOGGLE_WEB_NAVIGATION_DOM_OR_GROUP = "toggle web navigation dom or group",