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Environment Setup

This guide applies to users of the @guidepup/guidepup or @guidepup/playwright packages. OS environment setup is not required for users of the @guidepup/virtual-screen-reader package.

Automated Setup

For some operating systems, enabling control of screen readers is tightly controlled.

To make environment setup easier @guidepup/setup was created to handle the setup of your OS for you. Run the setup with:

npx @guidepup/setup

The CLI will first attempt to configure your environment itself, but on systems with tighter security controls such as MacOS with System Integrity Protection (SIP), it may prompt you for additional inputs so that it can complete setup through UI automation.

Recording Setup (MacOS Only)

If you are encountering errors in CI for MacOS you can pass a --record flag to the command which will output a screen-recording of the setup to a ./recordings/ folder within the current working directory.

npx @guidepup/setup --record

GitHub Action

Add this guidepup/setup-action step to enable screen reader test automation in GitHub CI:

- name: Guidepup Setup
uses: guidepup/setup-action


If you are encountering issues with @guidepup/setup then please reach out and raise a GitHub issue.