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Support Matrix

Guidepup current supports the following screen readers:

  • VoiceOver for MacOS
  • NVDA for Windows
  • Virtual Screen Reader for DOM environments (when using the @guidepup/virtual-screen-reader package)


VoiceOver is an advanced screen-reading technology integrated into the Mac OS X operating system. VoiceOver enables users with visual disabilities to control their computer using a rich set of keyboard commands and gestures. This chapter provides an overview of VoiceOver and key topics such as the VoiceOver cursor and current focus, keyboard shortcuts, and using function keys on some keyboards.

To learn VoiceOver commands please refer to the following popular guides:


NVDA allows blind and vision impaired people to access and interact with the Windows operating system and many third party applications.

Please refer to the NVDA User Guide system requirements to ensure your system can support the application.

To learn NVDA commands please refer to the following popular guides:

Virtual Screen Reader

The Guidepup Virtual Screen Reader is a headless screen reader for unit test automation.

  • Mirrors Real User Experience - assert on what users really do and hear when using screen readers.
  • Test Framework Agnostic - run with Jest, with Playwright, as an independent script, no vendor lock-in.
  • UI Framework Agnostic - want to use React, Vue, Solid, Svelte, etc.? All good here! Works with any UI framework, and plays nicely with the Testing Library suite.
  • Fast Feedback - avoid the cumbersome overhead of running an e2e test with a running screen reader by running virtually over the provided DOM.